Simple Ma’am (or The Miss)

You talk about her in the third person

You don’t know her in any way.

You like to imagine you do,

So you could own her one day.

But own her you won’t

‘Cause she’s free as a bird,

She gives love to everyone

Whose true voice she has heard.

She’s wildly passionate

You’ll never know how much

Because a lady keeps private

Those details, as such.

She’s known such ecstasy

You couldn’t begin to imagine

Unless you’d given birth to the earth

Then just maybe, you could.

Have you? If not, go suck wood.

Or just write better poetry.

Let’s call in the Her:

[Missy Elliott – Work It (Official Music Video)]


Unless otherwise stated, all poetry/text is one hundred percent original, created by LiaThePoet, on a whim. Watch out! She’s as fierce as she is slim.


© Lia The Poet ;))

9 thoughts on “Simple Ma’am (or The Miss)

    1. OMG! Thank you!!!! I love this poem and there’s not many of mine I can truly say that about haha. Your finding it and liking any of it is such a gift to me. Thank you!!! 🤩🙏💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! It’s nice when we enjoy our own work. It’s funny that it happens so little for the most part. I think writers are often too critical, and sometimes the readers would enjoy much more than the writer would think.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You might be right, and I guess it’s the same in any hobby or profession. [crazy rambling deleted…] Eek, this should have been a post not a comment. Anyhoo, yes what you said is true and I’ve always very much enjoyed your love poetry, so thank you for sharing it with the world! 💛

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the awesome encouragement on this piece. Brings back memories. I started this blog on a warrior mission haha. 🏹💃🏼


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