Reblog: The unfolding revolution (— via Men’s Work)

It’s at the root of all dissatisfaction, this tendency to look outside of ourselves for that which can only be found within us. “The kingdom of heaven is within you,” said Jesus, with typically Zen-like compression. Leo Tolstoy used those seven words for the title of a book making the case for an anarchistic Christianity. […]

The above text is reblogged from a post called The unfolding revolution — via the blog “Men’s Work”

blue buddha ceramic head figurine
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I really love that old “kingdom of heaven” quote, very nicely framed in the text above, and need to meditate on it more…

(Side question: why is meditating so much easier sometimes, when staring at black-and-white text on a page?)

(Side answer: I suppose… because I haven’t allowed the kingdom of heaven to be felt within me, at the moment I’m obsessively scrolling the WordPress feed… ;))


The kingdom of heaven is within me

The kingdom of heaven is within you

The kingdom of heaven is within us

We don’t need to read.

(Still, reading and writing is such fun! :)) but… )


We need to sit with our feelings

We need to observe what is within us

And what is outside us

Without passing judgement

Without reacting


Just breathing




Close your eyes

Look at the flame of life within

Watch it flicker

And glow


Now feed it





















4 thoughts on “Reblog: The unfolding revolution (— via Men’s Work)

      1. You’re welcome, Lia. I always let the bloggers know when i share their thoughts to my social. I want the bloggers -or the writers, if you wish- to feel nice and to know that their thoughts are traveling all over. Take care.

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