Reblog: Votre sérieux dans les orbites ne laisse pas de doute (Chapitre 2 sur 2) – via iotop

Normally of ghost stories I’m rather afraid, but this one droll and charming… translated to English today.  (Original by

— You scared me… said the ghost…
— Likewise…
— My word, this music… it’s not you?
— Nay never!
— Besides, what are you doing there?
— I was sleeping.
— Same here.
— We were awoken…
— That’s obvious, isn’t it…
— And what if it was the last judgement?
— Impossible!
— In what sense?
— I would have been the first informed.
— Possible.
— In any case, I waited for you without waiting for you, or at the very least I awaited a coming…
— And?
— You’re the chosen one.
— The chosen one?
— Yes.
— What is this tall tale?
— Allow me to explain. It’s been a good ten years since I’ve met an earthly soul…
— And?
— I wondered if… if…
— If what?
— If… you’d be interested in taking my place?
— You’re… joking, I hope?
— Look at me… I miss human life terribly…  I’m on the edge of depression…
— Indeed, your seriousness around the eye sockets leaves no doubt.
— So?
— But still… even if I’m cold right now, I like to be alive, even with a limited contract of which I don’t know the end date, paradoxically.
— With me, decades into centuries… such a windfall cannot be refused.
— Possible, but dead, all the same… and you must be bored stiff, right?
— Dead? No, as you yourself can see… and the amusements are diverse; quite vast is my territory…
— Hmm… what would I actually get out of this?
— Everything!
— Everything? You’re a funny one!
— Come on, have a bit of human feeling… between us…
— Um, I don’t want to upset you, but looking at you now, I’m trying to find anything human…
— And if… I force the issue?
— Is this a threat?
— Do you have a choice?
— One always has a choice…
— In this regard, you still have this affliction that frets your life..
— What? You’re…
— It’s a completely natural gift for us, the ghosts of the chapels…
— And so?
— Let’s make a deal… you take my place… for let’s say… a century… otherwise I let you die of fear with nothing in exchange…
— You’re a swindler.
— You didn’t have to enter my territory without authorization…
— In a word… I’m trapped.
— Does the mosquito know it’s trapped by the spider’s web?
— Um…
— I am waiting for your answer.
— On behalf of the mosquito?
— No, for this exchange between us… let’s go for a century…
— Ten years!
— Fifty!
— Fifteen maximum!
— Thirty, take it or leave it.
— You drive a hard bargain.
— And yet, I’m generous; I left you some bargaining room…
— You’re too kind…

Thus I left my body with a ghost-seller, and some would say I got rolled by the first shroud in the joint. In the meantime, I wait in this ruined chapel for a possible redemption, and it is up to me to play… this little tune…


Wasn’t that cute? That ghost really did drive a hard bargain, holy shoot

Translated by LiaThePoet from the French piece – “Votre sérieux dans les orbites ne laisse pas de doute – Chapitre 2 sur 2,” Published le

© Max-Louis MARCETTEAU 2019


~ Lia The Poet ;))


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