Let love chime in

The best new years’ eves for me

looking back through this herb tea

were not the drunken parties

of my roaring twenties,

dressed like some gleaming doll

(though the costume design was fun and all)

but were rather when sister and I were small

banging pots and pans

along the hall


Happy new year! For one and all!

On the street at the stroke of 12

listening to neighbours cheer and yell

one small family, together with the world

Nothing complicated

singing songs, reading books,

but the laughter

and the smiles

and the love that reverberated for miles

—it’s the simple things that stand

the test of time.



This was inspired by PoojaG’s post “New Years Tag” on her blog LifesFineWhine, based on the prompt which was started by Jususluvsall’s original New Years’ Tag post. The post chain asks recipients to share a favourite new year’s memory, which I thought was a beautiful idea.

This was the first memory that sprang to mind. In Canada this is what families do — or at least, where I grew up — we bang pots and pans on the street at midnight. Or maybe that was just my own funny little family? Or neighbourhood? Not really sure. But it was fun.

Feel free to take this theme and run with it; will love to see your posts if you make any. Lots of love, and cheerful pot-clanging wishes,

“Lia” ~ LiaThePoet ❤️ 🎉


13 thoughts on “Let love chime in

    1. Aw so lovely yash. ❤️😘
      We will make oilieballen (donuts) too, a Dutch tradition from my mom’s side. Lots of sugar, nice for the kids to keep them awake till pots-banging time. 😉🥳
      Where will you be? Still on a mountain trek?
      (Think I’m a bit jealous of you, actually 🧐😊)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha.. I wish I could have donuts❤❤❤. And no, I won’t be on my trek. I am at my home. Maybe I cook something. After all I am just 5 hours away from 2020. So I have to decide fast. And people who live in France ❤❤❤ should never feel jealous about a normal trek over here😉. We all know how beautiful is France.💞

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I will find something cool. It’s just I am too lazy to come out of the quilt😅. It’s winter in India. Maybe I cook something. Let’s c. Will keep you updated 😅

            Liked by 1 person

            1. No pressure yash. In the cooker that is. 😉While you’re young, it’s fun to have a bash. :)) 🕺💃🏼But quilts are cosy too. And WP is a good party, who-hoo. 🎉😆We’ll leave it entirely up to you. But do write a poem about whatever you do. ✍️🙏😈😇😁✨

              Liked by 1 person

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