Epilogue (non-secret #9.5 – the freeing of the sprite and the blue muse)

fantasyart-1579423032383-5423-Wallup.net(Pan-blue-muse-via-LiaThePoet.home.blog)The thing about
blue muse
is that though
I always felt I
knew it/him/her,
along came a spiritual
who’d slide into
my own captain’s chair
and sail my ship
into lands of ne’er,
saying, “Never grow up!
Remain with me
in lands of infatuation
and 8-fold deviancy”
with these promises three:
“I will never hurt you
I will never leave
I will be the one to put
roses in your cheeks”
But then just so suddenly
when I’d feel cradled in safety
he’d reveal himself
as Bluebeard,
with ghoulish
at the ready
And suddenly
my inner Tink was free!
(A spirit-hijacker easy-in,
is also easy-out,
They reveal themselves
“Peter Pan!
No need to save me!
I’ve opened
my own cage
and set
your spirit free!”
Now let’s fly, Pan,
away from false images
of night-sky fantasies
and golden empathy
where there are actually
rusty hooks
of limp and
Pan, let’s go
fly out to the sea!
such a magical place
for you
and me 🌊✨
I’ll ring my tambourine
for you💃🏼
if you’ll play a tune for
me 🎶
And then along came
wise Wendy
to whisper to She:
“Now listen, Tink, to
the moral of the story:
“You can rarely judge a book
by its cover
no matter how
golden-blue and free
it claims to
“Also, promises
never to hurt
never to leave
and to grow roses
in cheeks
are sure signs
of books that are
badly bound
with speculative words
where conscientious
action should
And so, we were a
good team of three:
True golden-blue-hearted
Pan (the real star-man)
wise Wendy,
and Tinkerbell me
And we flitted and
in reality,
through lands
of inspiration and
with good friends
who made the journey

Image: fantasy art by Ubisoft via Wallup.net


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