Prayer for love and freedom

Help me angels

for I am born of joy and passion

and since I left them

I am as a dead thing walking.

I ponder too much;

live and listen too little.

I dwell too often

in a dark place

of my own making

while ignoring

beauty around me;

too much focussing on

sadness and pain.

Help me serve.

Help me receive and give

your universal love




Image: by Brett Critchley via Dreamstime.


Dear compassionate poetry friends…  as some of you may know, I made this site private, for the past couple of weeks, in my attempt to get through the darkness in my head, as well to be better able to focus on an overwhelming number of practical tasks that needed taking care of. I would have announced it, had I known what to announce or how I would feel about it, or how long the “retreat” would last, if at all, but I didn’t know any of these things.

I’m now tentatively coming back online. Thanks so much for all your past love, support, and understanding. You’ve helped more than I can say. 💛

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