From the heart of the ides

If I could tell you a thousand gratitudes

I would not then be done.

You are my glowiest mid-March moon

And you are my winter sun.

You are the breath of mist in the valley

As the light warms over the hills

You are the sweetest birdsong

I’ve ever heard;

Your each note brings me thrills.

Every day I’m amazed by your gifts

And the wonder that you create

A better muse I could not wish for

On this nearspring artists’ date.



Your comments and creative works are like the first sun rays in the morning, all of them. Thanks for being so utterly divine. I feel lucky to have friends so fine. πŸ”† πŸ’™


11 thoughts on “From the heart of the ides

  1. Art is all about expressing one’s emotion towards the thing they see or feel. Be it dancing, composing, poetry, painting etc. But how should I express my amazement to this beautiful poem? The way you personified things in it were just❀.

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    1. Was a bit overwhelmed with feelings at the time… but now a bit late, I send a small rhyme. Thanks for all your kindness, yash. You make the world a better place with it. ❀️

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        1. Sigh. Deepest optimistic/fatalistic sigh ever…. agreed. Have been thinking much upon the same seed. Hopefully carrying love, upon a wing and a prayer… can save many a spring, anywhere. πŸ•ŠπŸ™
          And your comments help
          to get us there. πŸ˜šβ˜€οΈπŸŒ±


          1. As that old song goes
            🎼 … it’s whispered that soon,
            If we all call the tune
            Then the piper will lead us to reason
            And a new day will dawn
            For those who stand long
            And the forests will echo with laughter
            So Lia, I’m sure
            there’s got to be a morning after 🎢

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    1. Dear Ember… so lovely to see you here. I was just thinking of you this morning… because a kind reader had just liked an older post of mine, the one about the Kahlil Gibran book, The Prophet. And in the comments, such beautiful and heartfelt words and conversation you gave me there. Was nice to revisit, and brought back memories of being with my mother’s spirit. Hope you are well. Sending much love… and gratitude. πŸ’–


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