Reblog: Poetry Contest Deadline (and submission notes) — via the poet’s billow

“Hello Poets! The Poet’s Billow is accepting submissions for the 2020 Pangaea Prize. The Pangaea Prize is awarded for the best series of poems ranging between two and up to seven poems in a group. Judging will be based on poems as individual entities as well as their cohesiveness – that can be in terms: […]”

via Poetry Contest Deadline — the poet’s billow

(for WP Reader link, click here:

Guys and gals, check out the above post — nice contest, and you can possibly win $100; but best of all there are some guidelines in the comments section of the guidelines link (below) that any of us who might eventually like to get published (other than on our own blogs) might like to know about, namely:

“To be safe if you plan on submitting a piece to a literary journal you should NEVER put it on your Facebook page or blog.

“[…] If it is a private note that does not allow the public to see it should be fine, but intent has big part to play; if it is viewable by a lot of people it may be considered published, but if it is for the intent of revision it might not be.

“As a general rule for published poems, if you can google a line of your poem and it is visible on the web search, it is published. Although even password-ed blogs are considered a publication, so be careful.”

(comment by The Poet’s Billow – on this post:

Luvs n’ hugs,

xoxo “Lia”

p.s. It’s not an April Fool’s!  Promise. :))

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