Love alight! (edit: and gone to ether!)

Edit 2020-04 23, 23:35 — most bizarre thing — this post body, containing text, image, links and all, completely disappeared at the moment it was published a couple of hours ago. Only the title remained. That has never, ever happened to me, in over a year and a half of blogging on WordPress.

I looked in the post’s draft history, and happily my poem was still there. At least I had that…  all the links (to a poetry contest), image, everything added afterwards — was gone, and would need to be rebuilt from scratch, if I decided to do that.

I had to leave my computer just after hitting publish, so there was nothing I could do to fix it/rebuild it/repost it then.

Long story short, WP glitches continue…

(Or… signs from the universe? ;)) :))

3 thoughts on “Love alight! (edit: and gone to ether!)

    1. Aw thanks Ember. Yes okay I might make it again then. It’s just a wee thing anyway. Thanks so much for the encouragement. 💛🥰🙏

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