Love alight!

Good God! But you alight a fire in me

So golden so honey so cosy so free

it’s hard to express the amount of

pure divine glee

it is

to feel your sweet flame

within me.



Image: by krinichnaya via

Partly inspired by seeing this post yesterday from the poet’s billow, stating that the submission deadline for their Bermuda Triangle Prize has been extended from March 15 to April 30. It’s a lit (πŸ•―! ) contest, asking for poems with the theme of fire. Check it out it, looks really good! Guessing that as per usual industry standard, one can only submit unpublished poems (including not published on blogs — in which case I’m out. Too addicted to the publish button ;)) πŸ”₯Β πŸΉπŸ’ƒπŸΌ

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