Body of heaven

There in the emptiness

of his sunyata symbols

she found a kindred spirit

and a home.

But all her labels were rien


Finding something more

or less

than kinship

in the lines

of his golden visage

and/or his mannaΒ liss/e/aΒ smile.

Image Β© David and Linda Redpath,


Partially inspired by this morning’s revisit to David Redpath’s post, “Sunset Dreaming,” featuring aboriginal cave paintings in Australia. Be sure to check out his mind-glowing and multi-artistic blog, if by some near-zero chance, you haven’t taken a walkabout there, lately. ;)) πŸ“Έ 🎨 βœοΈΒ πŸ’›Β πŸ”†

6 thoughts on “Body of heaven

  1. Sweet dreams πŸŒ… Lia 🌈😎

    Out here nothin’ changes
    Not in a hurry anyway
    You can feel the endlessness
    With the comin’
    of the light o’ day
    You’re talkin’ ’bout
    a chosen place
    You wanna sell it in a
    Well just a minute now

    You’re standin’ on solid rock
    Standin’ on sacred ground
    Livin’ on borrowed time
    And the winds of change
    Are blowin’ down the line

    Right down the line

    Well round about the dawn
    of time
    The Dreaming all began
    A crowd of people came
    Well they were lookin’ for their
    promised land
    We’re runnin’ from the heart
    of darkness
    Searchin’ for the heart of light
    It was their paradise

    Well they were standin’
    on solid rock
    Standin’ on sacred ground
    Livin’ on borrowed time
    And the winds of change
    Were blowin’ cold that night

    They were standin’
    on the shore one day,
    Saw the white sails in the sun
    Wasn’t long before they felt
    the sting, white man, white law,
    white gun
    Don’t tell me that it’s justified, ’cause somewhere,
    someone lied
    Yeah, well someone lied, someone lied, genocide

    And now you’re standing
    on solid rock
    Standing on a sacred ground
    Living on borrowed time
    And the winds of change
    are blowin’ down the line

    ~ Goanna

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    1. Perfect message in that song David…
      never heard that tune before.

      The body of earth
      has its sacred places
      with people, spirits and vibes
      that must be protected. 🌏✨

      Happy you don’t mind
      me riffing off your images,
      so sublime. πŸ™πŸ˜‡β˜€οΈ

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