Notes from hippy dippy pheobes to lupnos gladiolus

Dude, let the spirited soul and dar(l)ing devil be happy together. They’re perfect for each other! Honestly you can do better than that and so can I. It’s funny how spiritually we can sit at the end of the tines of some joker(ess)’s pitchfork, stunned by the glint of its accusing point, but it’s us who makes our own hell, keeping ourselves on the fry.

Up, up! And shoo the flies away. They will leave by and by.

That said, good time to take some quiet time and write a book or something.

We don’t need to roll on the spit forever eh. Better to jump into the flames, I’d say. ;))

Love ya.

xo Your sis in crime. ;))

p.s. some can try to copy, but can’t touch this rhyme 😜🏹💃🏼⚔️

Image: Spring fire. 🌱  By Connie de Lange at, found via art search for “lupines and gladiolas”


9 thoughts on “Notes from hippy dippy pheobes to lupnos gladiolus

  1. Fantastic as usual, where does your amazing talent come from, were you a poet from a young age or is it only a recent thing, anyways you are wonderfully awesome, oh and good morning my friend.


    1. Thanks so much Andrew, and a very good morning to you too 🌤 I was lucky, someone put a pen and paper in my path from a very early age… and encouraged me to try to follow my inner mage (though they didn’t put it that way. ;))

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      1. Lol well whatever happened to you that first time you wrote words on paper it was truly magical, out of all my blogger friends you are by far the best, keep up your amazing writing of poetry, your words not only speak to my heart but also get my little grey brain cells firing up all over in my head, thank you so very much for your words and your friendship, it means more to me than your ever know 🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁


        1. Andrew you have hugely touched my soul just now; thank you so much. I have these awful confused and bleak moments at times; you shone your sun through them ol’ clouds. Thank you, for being such a kind friend, and I can truly say, likewise. Also, I love your smiles. ☀️🙏🌷

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          1. May the sun shine on you and your family for all eternity, you have a very special relationship with words that will never end, i look forward to reading more of your heart ❤❤


            1. I feel the same about you and your words my friend. You truly have the talent to touch hearts with your beautiful work. Hugs and please continue to shine. 💛🔆

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