Sub error process notes

Hey everyone.

Was going to add this as an “Edit” footnote to that last poem but it got out of control in terms of length, so it’s a separate post now lol.

That last post was partly about my attempted poetry submission for the Bermuda Triangle Prize last night, at The Poet’s Billow.* I desperately had wanted to enter that contest the first time it was announced, especially since the first deadline happened to fall on my birthday, so had seemed significant, somehow.

But I didn’t manage to successfully submit that day, because I happened to experience what felt like an emotional attack, making poetry submissions seem futile or insignificant.

When The Poet’s Billow lengthened the deadline I’d thought it was some cosmic sign.

Funny thing though, something similar happened yesterday as what happened on the day of the first deadline. If I apply Occam’s (blasted) Razor, I can simply chalk it up to self-sabotage. Either way, I worked one poor new poem to near-death last night, but no submission in the end. I wrote that process poem now to laugh at myself.

“Ego is the enemy/The obstacle is the way.” (~ Ryan Holiday)

Once again, failure, partly due to fear of success. I have issues. ;))

*Check out the poet’s billow — they seem to have very cool writer services available on their website, not to mention amazing anthologies online, of previous winners of the prizes: The Poet’s Billow (literary art gallery page)

Winning literary prizes can be helpful on the author’s journey, as many of us know, because they act like a CV — which can help us “starving artists” (said with a wink) earn money for our craft — teaching, getting hired as writers/editors, etc. They can also inspire new levels of creativity.

I wrote an article on Medium about that once (under my usual name). Here it is, in case you’d like to read it:

Why I Submit To Literary Contests: A Pyramid of True Motivations

(p.s. there is also a link to a follow up-article at the bottom of that one, of how to win every time. ;))

Sending hugs and love. Thanks for all your amazing support. You inspire me big time and seriously make my day.

7 thoughts on “Sub error process notes

  1. Happy belated bday (hopefully I calculated that correctly…🙃). Submitting to any contest is nerve wracking. By the time the poem is finished, I’ve completely destroyed it and can’t figure out what it was supposed to be about 😂🤣. Either way, I wish you the best in the contest and future poems 😊

    1. Thanks John!! Yes long over now lol. :))) It’s the same for me with the submissions. 😂 👍 Thanks so much for the vote of solidarity. And best of luck and love to you in future endeavours as well. 😊🙏🙏❤︎

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, Lia!! I hope you had fun. 🎂🎂🎈🎈
    And don’t worry about the submissions, at least you tried! You can always submit it next time 😉 cheers

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