Trump the reign of ignorance (with star-seed prayer)

The face of the most ignorant

separates babies

from caregivers who attempt to escape the most dire conditions

with nothing but the clothes upon their backs;

putting immigrant children in jails

allowing them to become lost, guard-abused and trafficked

due to the ignorant’s terrible actions;

nominates and supports an accused rapist to be among its supreme judges;

fires veterans who stand up to it;

threatens to order its troops to fire at those who react against

murder of the horrifically oppressed citizen

(there are other ways to solve problems,

namely by speaking to them with reason);

boasts that more women were hired in positions of power than 

ever before, during its term;

but that was because women had to stand up and fight harder than ever before

to survive its term, and to try to protect against a second one.

Most of us aren’t even members that nation

but when the fourth riche comes into power

one takes notice.

We all must work to help nip

the ever-consuming choke-weed in the bud.

We all suffer eventually.

Do not think you will be knee-up on the world

if you lack compassion for whoever suffers now.

Remember what happened after the second world war.

Three-quarters of a century later, the innocent descendants

of that then-leader-of-destruction

are only a little less hated by the world at large

while the Reich’s war criminals are not quite

all dead in their prisons;

still living with the terrible guilt

of going along with the then-most powerful

pale beast on the planetary surface.

Gods heal the gathering ghost of that beast

and gods please, please,

show mercy even on our greatest enemies

for if they can forgive themselves

they will become as angels of mercy in the world at large

and the structure of the time machines

will be single-silver-horned and flowing as light

and we will all be working together in higher frequencies,

dark with love and intermingled colours

and flecked with galaxies of shining star, star bright.
image: “universal healing” by Denise Nickey via

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