Reblog: Raw — by Steph J. Millz via New Beginnings

Dear friends, another reblog today (please skip to end of post if you’re short on time). So grateful this fellow blogger starred one of my pieces this afternoon. What a fantastic piece to read. What a voice. And I got to read it just after discussing the Black Lives Matter riots and protests with the kids at lunch.

Btw, caregivers, are you discussing the protests with your kids? Kids need to hear about this stuff… as we know, in the worlds of that old song, “children are our future.” They need to know that rights must be applied to everyone equally but also that rampant, mindless violence in retaliation is not the answer.

I want to talk about something briefly, as a “whitey” over here. When I first heard the term “Black Lives Matter (BLM)” a few of years ago, I’d been reading some fairly angry writings on (where I once used to blog) which almost felt (anti-white) racist in their vehemence. And I felt that “All Lives Matter” made more sense. But the more I read from various places, including some fellow white folks I respect big time, the more BLM made sense.

Black Lives Matter is a saying that America and other nations need to hear… because the horrifying reality exists, whether those of us brought up in sheltered bubbles want to believe it or not, that there are those who apparently think that black lives don’t matter.

I know if you’re like me it’s hard to fathom. The other thing is, black lives are a minority in the USA and most other 1st world nations. Rising, due to perseverance, from a history of terrible oppression by a few very corrupt white folks.

Minority groups are always more at risk. They therefore need extra protection, extra focus, extra support. We all need to help out, because all lives do matter… but we need to focus on those whose lives seem to matter the least at some points in time.

When/if we witness George Floyd‘s life ebbing away in front of the cameras, as a white policeman who had 18 complaints on his own official record kneeled on his neck, mocking his victim in front of bystanders as the pinned and unarmed man begged “Please,” “I can’t breathe,” and “Mama…” dear gods, we must all be feeling that. We must all find ways to figure out how we can stop sickening crimes like that from happening again. Without hurting innocent lives and livelihoods in the process. i.e. without senseless rioting and looting that mostly harms other minority groups, or even those trying to help the cause. At the moment NYT headlines state the protests continue mostly peacefully into the eighth day and night since they started following the murder. So that’s a blessing.

What I love about the following piece (I’ve only put an excerpt below) is that the author, Steph J. Millz, appears to see all sides of the situation. His is a “black” voice in effect saying that All Lives Matter.

If you think that all lives matter, especially black lives at this time when it especially matters, and ramping up to a US election which can affect many lives of all colours, please read and support his blog if you haven’t been fortunate enough to find it already.

We read and support the voices that we think matter, that’s why.

Reblog:  Raw — by Steph J. Millz, via New Beginnings

“[…] The ‘Nigga’ side to be exact. They think that’s what I have. What all African Americans have. We must be shutdown, we must be prosecuted when innocent & be executed when rebelling. We are nothing but animals. We have no say. We have no rights. We are not supposed to fight.

“Where is the ‘justice for all’ part of the pledge? Yes, it is in fine print, but where is it? Where do you see it being invoked? Where can you find a time where there was justice for each & every person? Please do tell in fine detail because I never saw a damn thing. I must’ve missed that class.

“So if you’ve realized that it’s impossible to find a time, you see that statement to be void now. It has no value, no life. It is there just to look pretty & fill the page.

“No justice….no peace.

“But I refuse to condone desolation. No matter how angry. No matter how hurt. It furthermore adds fuel to the everlasting fire of hate. Where is the structure? Where is the leadership? We all stand together for one true purpose. We each have a voice that combined together can be heard across the world. You can immediately tell who is there for a cause, & who is there just to….[…]”

N.B. The above excerpt is copied/reblogged here from a post called “Raw” by Steph J. Millz, at New Beginnings. Please visit his blog, and read the rest of this very relevant and important post from someone fighting at the textual frontlines of the good fight in America as we speak — partly by using the proverbial pen rather than the sword. He’s a brilliant writer, so prepare to be captivated when you read his older posts as well. WP Reader link to that post:

Thanks so much for all your support, and for reading… and writing. Write on.

Love, xoxo “Lia” 🏹💃🏼💛❤︎🌻

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    1. Oh my gosh!! Thank you so very much. That means more than I can possibly say. Thank you for being okay with me sharing your amazing work!! 🙏🙏🙏💛☀️🌌💫🙌🤩🖖🌻

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