Remembering the journey begins

Sometimes I wish I were new again, fresh again

I love the early bloggers, the blank space and quiet place and

I remember how good it felt to be momentarily free

and connect with my truest

inner poetry.

Oh, how World

brought out the simple beat of me!

when I let myself go, on a word-loving spree.

I miss the mystery; the zero-f’s-given artistry.

Can you give me a dose of your bliss-story.

I want to roll my fonts down your now-story.


3 thoughts on “Remembering the journey begins

    1. Hi and welcome and thank you, and very much likewise! I wanted to thank you for finding me, and for reblogging “For the michelangelos” but your comments are disabled. Best of luck and love, on your Honest Beginning. :)) 💛🌱🌻

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