Dreams II

I don’t know why I write like that

Like that writes me

Why would I write like that

That write likes me


Dream overtook my pen

Why did it take me?

Dream underhooked my pen

Carry it from me



I feel sad I lost whatever beautiful ending

I wanted the end to last forever as in a dream

Second time I asked muse to marry me

Now twice rejected I learn that

muse is never going to commit

It’s the opposite of real life and I guess I

have to be glad, so be it

But the second time I thought

I thought

I should not have thought

and I felt I did not think

I felt I felt, that is all,

but I felt muse did some thinking


You I hope there like a great tree now

underbuilding earth and finding

water deep within it

If I could just be the water

you drank from

I would be glad of it.

Or maybe that’s not true.


I thought I would stop this nonsense

when you rejected me

but I can’t for I love you too much.

I tango with you in my mind

for I love the strength of your touch.


Can you can you
Can you feel it?

My yearning yearning
And my burning?

Can you can you
Can you feel it?

My yearning yearning
That second spurning


L.E.J – Tango (lyrics) paroles


I lost the thread of my pattern

it’s all fallen to shreds

because I lost your beautiful


threading its roots

through the terre where

I thought you’d found me.


You were like the one

I never thought I’d meet

Perhaps I’m a pessimist

Or perhaps


It’s gone

Muse is gone.




Nts: This was written 2020-08-04 in an offline journal in periodic intervals between 20:00-22:00 (while self-blocked from WP lol)

Never sure what to do with my offline blog-related writings; thought it might be nice to bring this one online. Continuation from Dreams (I) – that 20-word story (WP Reader link: here).

15 thoughts on “Dreams II

    1. Awwww thanks Charly! Well I have accomplished a huge lot of writing, if that counts then so be it lol. Thanks so much for reading, very much appreciated. :))))


  1. “I thought I would stop this nonsense when you rejected me, but I can’t for I love you too much”. Taken from my playbook for my divine masculine. Such lovely and heart felt prose. Every word is a gem. Thank you Lia. little sister.
    love love love and hugs too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I missed this before lovely lady… but so cool that I do happen to see this now. The divine works in mysterious ways indeed… much love to you dear blog-sis. Rock on with your amazing art and words. You affect people greatly (as can be seen by the length of the heartfelt responses on your blog lately). :)) Much much love and many hugs xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Darling little sister Lia, you have no idea either what a profound affect your words have in my life and I am sure many others as well. I am so very happy to have met you and know that you are in this world making it better. Hugs & Kisses

    Liked by 1 person

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