The accessory

Once I realized s/he’d never actually known me

just refractions of my outer persona

which s/he saw himself or her within

and that every time s/he tried to zero my bloom

it was a subconscious attempt to take or annihilate

what s/he denied in herself or him

it became easier to detach myself from outcome

and let truest

true-loving begin.




9 thoughts on “The accessory

    1. Hi and welcome JackJones1668. Very smile-inducing comment, which must be directed at the buddha in you if not the buddha in me, that much is true for sure. Thanks so much for the giggle. 😄😚🙏💛

      1. Your words shoot straight into my heart and soul, the art of poetry is kept alive with the happy few , in my eyes you are the number one poet of our times, simply put, you are the best of the rest my special girl.

        1. Your lovely comments really, really make me happy in the heart zone, Jack Jones. Thank you so much. Smiling and laughing with true gratitude.

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