To the sun I cannot see

My Friend, Friend of everyOne

Possessor of the Bright and the DarkSuns

You are a listening ear that bends toward a lowly river

so to you I tell my babbling tale. 

I will tell you the secret of this lasting marriage:

He was God, I was the Accessory

He’s always said so

(of course, we can assume, only joking)

but I played my part, ’till the All-One rewarded me duly

by informing me that the children

were the true suns

of He and me.

So they became the Gods, as I put their needs

before His desires, as I felt it should rightfully be

and was pleasantly and detachedly

(by this time)


when He fell in step behind this design,

as though He silently


Then along came an inner-whisper

in me

wanting wellbriety

and well, I decided that would also

go before and for them

as well as before His desire for a home-based

drinking buddy.

Which means that in my devotion to the All-One

I know I am truly free,

which perhaps He senses

in me; and once again perhaps 

silently agrees, which is perhaps why He is now the One 

that also cleaves, in spite of my imperfections

as His Accessory.

And that, that is the so-far secret

of this one so-far-lasting-marriage/family

for me at least;


love, tolerance,



and total




utmost Gratitude, 

and Devotion,

to You, 






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