Dark sparkle ✨

We got to see the sun today. It looked incredible, a peach-pink disc, shining with orangey flame-coloured sparkles upon the waves, through the southern-smoke haze (we are in the outskirts of Vancouver, north of wildfires in western USA).  This image was taken in mid-afternoon, without filter. (I took a small video as well, which shows the sun; but I discovered I’d need to upgrade my WP hosting plan in order to upload it, and I haven’t chosen to do that.)

In other words, this is the actual colour that everything looked IRL. Amazing how the long-reaching effects of events so destructive and devastating in the moment can look beautiful from afar.

It stayed like this for the entire two hours I was there. A long-time and very dear galfriend and I sat on the beach drinking herb tea and gabbing our hearts out together. Amazing to connect offline with people in my native language and culture again. Everything flows so easily.

I still miss our adopted homeland in central France though. The skies are incredibly clear there.

Image: author’s own

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