Only in pain if I try to control

You make a wave in me

that is never ending

I’ve been stilted

never sending

You generate a crest in me

that never breaks

I worry that it never will

unless another lifetime

it takes.

You leave and I let you

I push you, high-bank you

“for your own good”

“Deserves a higher level than this”

that’s what my ego keeps saying

when I let god go amiss

’cause I keep trying to control this

to make the best ending for you

I’m caught at the peak

of a catch-22

flooding through my gills

Never truly wanting

to say goodbye to you

like you’re half my soul

and then I see you gasping on dry land

like you were not the totality

of the wave in me

after all.


I wish for you a freer fish

but the wave keeps building

The wave says,


to my desire

for control; and so

through my body

I let the crest


We’re ever together

Ever apart

I catch your

earth-eye gaze;

its mystery I gather

and tender, gasping



like it’s a prayer






8 thoughts on “Only in pain if I try to control

        1. Wow… yes… that’s what I try to do around here, too. 🌱🌤💧 Love your philosophy, it matches the good grooves. 🎶 And again, thank you!! 🙏🙏🌟💕

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Okay lia, how about this exercise in poetry, I will give you three words and lets see if ot inspires you to write a short poem, just for a laugh, the three words are , envelope, shoes, trapdoor. I hope you can play along with a bit of fun.


            1. Having a bit of a rough day, J.; hope you’ll forgive the winge ;)) the forgoing of this particular fun, and my not playing along. Sincere best wishes, and thanks for the offer; live kind and prosper 🖖💖🔆


              1. Very sorry for your rough day, i hope nothing too serious, if I can help you in any way then please don’t hesitate to ask, best wishes for you and your family, some other time for the poem challenge, no worries my friend.

                Liked by 1 person

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