Ghosts of spring

I held every memory of Summer

like risings of leaves

from continuously

falling art

within the winter

of my






Partly inspired by Akanksha’s 20-word Tuesday story prompt over at Bulbul’s Bubble, and by her own tiny tale (once again :)). Also by the passing of my mom last winter, for those who don’t know. (She had a very summery disposition :)).

Find it, and lovely inspiration for your own writing, here at the post. The prompt this week is: Ghost. (WP Reader link: here.)

Photo #98 – by SLUSLO / Alex Markovich (WP link: here). “Artist: Tatiana Karpenko. February, 2015. Plein air painting. Prokhorovka, Belgorod Oblast, Russia. “

5 thoughts on “Ghosts of spring

  1. That is very beautiful and special, Lia, truly! Sometimes memories are all that are left and they keep people alive in our hearts.
    Tight hugs, dearest! I am sure she is watching over you, proudly!

    1. What a lovely comment dear A. I love that thought. Thank you so very much for all your time and care here. It is very much appreciated. 🙏💛🌷

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