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    1. Hi Punam and welcome here… so wonderful to see you, thanks for that. I know you from a different blog or two 🌷🌿 :)), saw your comment on David’s post and was missing you. Checked out your latest impressive works last night and starred them but didn’t know how to re-introduce myself… (shy emoji :)).

      Thanks for breaking the oceanic ice, as it were. :)) Thanks for the kind words on this poem. Can be interpreted in various sometimes surprising ways… as the link above your comment shows. Didn’t expect that. David’s use of it was a bit of a shock actually. Such is the nature of art I suppose. And art will always generate more art.

      For me this poem was about the body of nature, the essence of desire and yearning ever for more, as society and culture lead us to do, unconsciously, and yet ultimately knowing the value in also reconnecting with inner creative self, or spiritual source energy. And it yes, has its double entendre β€” which perhaps many in the poetry world find relatable, here… ;)) I didn’t reply to anyone till now on this poem specifically because it was an introspective one. But since this must be your first comment here (as I found it in the pending folder, and not automatically published), and I felt grateful to you for being here, I wanted to respond. :))

      Lots of love to you, and thanks for being kind enough to visit. I’ve had a lot going on with family lately, so I haven’t been on WP as much. But I still like to connect with others. I’ll come visit again. :))

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      1. Ah Lia! Have never felt more welcomed on a blog in this manner before! I am so glad I read your poem on David’s blog and visited yours.
        I get you when you talk of shyness. I was like that too in my earlier days as a blogger. I wouldn’t know how to break the ice. I did overcome that. Even now I usually like a few posts first’s before commenting.
        I agree your poem (for that matter any poem) can be interpreted in many ways. David did what he had to πŸ™‚ The beauty of any art is that it appeals to the reader/beholder differently.
        I am touched that you responded to my comment. I do hope everything is fine with your family. Would love to stay connected with you. Much love to you.


        1. Funny, I don’t always have that shyness. But it arises sometimes. Maybe with good reason. :)) Sorry — I didn’t clarify the different Davids! I was referring to your comment on David R.’s blog, but my post was copied (without permission) to David ben Alexander’s blog. “…did what he had to do…” interesting perspective. Thanks Punam. I wonder how much of this wild world feels the same way. Interesting times we’re living in. Even in the playground of art, it’s good to be conscientious with our actions, and speak from our own perspectives, not the imagined (and far too often erroneous) ones of someone else. Much damage can be done otherwise. Thanks for the kind words here. I appreciate the expressed sentiments. All is reasonably well here though still dealing with renewed grief. Poetry can be a healing outlet and creative distraction, as I’m sure you agree. I hope everything is fine with your family too. πŸ’—


          1. Okay, my bad. David R is a wonderful blogger…very talented and very supportive. I am a huge fan of his wit. David ben Alexander I have started following recently and I am impressed with his writing. When I wrote…”did what he had to”…I was trying to be objective. How our words can affect/move another person is beyond our control. But boundaries must be set and respected.
            Yes, everything is fine with me and my family. Grief takes a lot of time to go away (though not completely) and poetry definitely can be healing. Write, as much as you can. Wish you all the best. Take care.
            (I have saved your posts that I saw in my reader. Will read later. My schedule has gone completely awry. I am unable to post and read as much as I used to.)


            1. Please, no worries… please don’t ever feel you have to read my work nor even follow it. I can’t read near the amount I’d hope to either. There is life to be lived, after all, ideally mostly offline, if we have people counting on us. A couple of months ago (around Halloween and the US election time) I actually had to unfollow *everybody* due to some of the extreme negativity and frightening images going around that I just couldn’t handle seeing in the feed by surprise in my state of already-extreme political anxiety and stress. Now I just visit people when I think of them, or when I’m reminded of them (if they visit me) and as time allows… yes, time is a precious commodity. If you save posts to feel you have to catch up later, I think it’s too much you expect of yourself. I once told a friend how I was overwhelmed with all the reciprocate reading I felt I had to do online and they said something along those lines to me, so I pass it on to you now. :)) But maybe you have other reasons for saving posts. I don’t know much about that feature of WP since I rarely carry a mobile phone. I hardly ever leave home except for daily walks in nature, and then I like to be without technology.
              Agreed about David R. Immensely supportive of so many… and some very inspiring poetry… what would WP do without him really? :)) And David b.A. is very talented also. Some excellent writing and community-growing there.
              I love what you said about boundaries and all. Thanks for the advice, the time here (I completely understand the cost in energy, and I do appreciate it), and kind wishes. Very much same to you. Hugs and bisous πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ’•πŸ™


              1. No Lia, I never read out of compulsion. I also take a lot of time to follow but once I do, I make sure to read whenever I can.
                It is my offline life that is interfering with my blogging life! πŸ˜‚
                Blogging nurtures my creative side so I need it to keep me sane. You are a very thoughtful and caring person, please never let anyone’s cynicism rub off on you. Hugs to you too. πŸ€—πŸ€—β€οΈ

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                1. Oh that’s good to hear. :)) And bahaha love it! The true feelings for many of us ;))) πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘
                  I love the way you say that blogging nurtures the creative side… I feel the same… I absolutely believe I need the interaction with other creators with the same interests to feel like I can carry on with other the other things that need doing, with any modicum of joy. *Thank you* so much for the kind words. Stay well dear friend. πŸ€—πŸŒˆβ€οΈπŸ™

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