Getting organized

Sometimes I just need a little time

to get sorted in my mind

Some space away from the usual

to get into what I need to do

I love a change; I thrive on change

I also dread and procrastinate about change

but I really need change

to get me jump-started again.

What was overwhelming yesterday

now seems doable.




this is about dealing with my late mom (and living dad’s) household… I couldn’t bear the thought of even beginning yesterday, due to the immensity and seeming finality of the task, yet today it all seems possible, bit by incremental bit. On a whim I came here (with the younger kids in tow) just to finally view it, and now I find myself starting to actually deal with it (though I didn’t expect to be able to do that). I publish this by way of encouragement for anyone going through anything similar.

Nts: Start with the fringes of the “forest” (e.g. the closet full of old towels and sheets no one would want) if you can’t deal with the CPU (e.g. the memorabilia and/or file cabinets); a single “tree” is a start, and leads to a few.

15 thoughts on “Getting organized

        1. Ha! That is awesome. I might do that too. Either that or it’s herb tea, which would be a bit more boring ’tis true. :)) Awesome idea! Cheers to that, with you!

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    1. Thank you dear A.! Yes, I think it would be too. :)) We need to assess and move through the past, in order to make room for the new. :)) Thanks so much for your kind support as always (sorry missed this one before) 🤗🙏💕🌻

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