Sense et/ou sensibilité

Small I am in words
and ideas are tall. 
He has the ability to manage it all. 
I have sensibility
and too little common sense

But if all were sensible
the world 
would be different





*the French translation of the English word “sensitive” is sensible. The English translation of the French word sensibilité is “sensitivity.” In French this type of linguistic phenomenon is called “faux ami” (literally, “false friend” — when a homonym or its near-twin actually means something different in the other language). Yet of course they are related, and have the same roots. 𐂷♡

6 thoughts on “Sense et/ou sensibilité

    1. p.s. thank you Ingrid!! I realize part of my explanation made no sense. Too hastily written. I might remove it from the footnotes. Thanks again.


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