Which person

How should I write this:

third person, first person, second person,

I could be speaking to myself, I could be speaking to my dad

or just about anyone else

it’s the self-deriding and self-aggrandizing

that will get you to imbibe toxins

or blow smoke

Don’t forget the past

Hold onto it, keep it close

but let it go

and from then on

imbibe only air, water, sunshine

whether real-world or otherwise

when it comes to

basic surviving




draft from 2020-12-30

6 thoughts on “Which person

    1. I know… good comment David. That’s how it rolled out and I decided to leave it as it was… basically I meant: to remember, and learn from the past, but forgive — not just others but oneself also. Thanks for bringing it up. :)) xoxo

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