She was soft, perfect,

blessed, cursed…

her eyes held the skies

like glittering galaxies.

Her lips were luscious bows

releasing love’s arrows;

her teeth were polished pearls,

small and curved,

always slightly openβ€”

like a sweet, unwilling






This is just a quick and fun ekphrastic study, based on the amazing drawing of Marilyn (Monroe) at Ken Hallett’s blog (links below). I was actually in the midst of writing a rather long process piece just now, but the Block Editor (which I can’t seem to stop myself from drafting directly into, in spite of knowing the glitches) keeps seizing up on me… it seems to hate when I get long-winded and/or “edit-y” lol. Much like poetic muse… bless that elusive dude πŸ˜šπŸ™βœ¨

Anyway, it is a beautiful work of art, and poem, and relatable commentary as well on the frustrations of the Blockheaditor, as Ken calls it; do check it out, if you haven’t already: Desire (WP Reader link: here).

16 thoughts on “Radiant

  1. Sorry Lia!

    Just realised I forgot to thank you for this, here, at the time.🀭
    Had so many comments to answer, at my end, and overlooked your posts comment thread.
    Please accept my apologies!

    Very kind of you to mention my work.
    I appreciate your generosity.

    Best wishes from Ken.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi and no worries Ken! Thank you so much for this, I appreciate it! I absolutely loved your artwork, regardless of whether my own thought-forms belonged with it. :)) Best wishes and rock on! πŸ’›

      Liked by 1 person

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