Wild waterhorse

His poetry is beautiful

He rides on waves of deep emotion.

In words he can travel anywhere,

even undersea;

his soul is free.

He practices loving kindness

but when he sees injustice he

gets irate, yes.

It is a work in progress,

and I find his work


Sometimes I wish I were

more wild like he,

but it’s no longer

my lot in life to be.

I see his spirit rising

from the waves;

the salt-rich water

gushing to replenish


an underwater garden

growing coral-blooms

in his footsteps.

My heart blossoms

gladly; my spirit

races with him


in his romance

I feel carried away

to higher peaks.




Image: by Lancaster Art, found at Etsy.com via post-write art search for “underwater horse free spirit rising”

25 thoughts on “Wild waterhorse

    1. Thanks so much, yay, glad you liked it. πŸ’— Yes the picture I thought was perfect. The horse in the wave especially beautifully-rendered.


      1. When I was a small boy my father had a boat down on the beach, we would go out fishing most weekends, i remember one time the sea waves were a bit to rough for us to go out fishing, i asked why no fishing and my father said too many big white horses, i was puzzled until he explained that the white roll of the waves was called white horses, i was only 7 years old, but my father would try to explain most things to me lol ❀

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        1. Wow!!! I LOVE this story. I didn’t know that about white horses… there were sure some on the waves here this morning and they were beautiful. Thanks for sharing this memory!! Your dad sounds like he is/was a really good one. πŸ’—

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    1. Wow… that means a lot to me George, thank you so much. πŸ’— Though I am not wild IRL I do now allow myself more freedom in poetry… which brings me a lot of joy. :)) I find your poems also inspiring and so beautifully made, it’s incredible. A rare find. Grateful to David (and you!) for that connection.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks A… I don’t know how brilliant it is… love the horse in the painting, with the wave… beauty. Was just the first painting that grabbed my eye, quickly… maybe both poem and image would have have been better without the rider. Always believed horses should be free, ideally… :)) Lots of love and thanks for reading πŸ™

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for your kindness and general awesomeness. I feel super grateful to have you as a reader and that you take the time to comment. It means a huge lot xoxoxo

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