It’s so easy

It’s so easy to suddenly withdraw love

when we don’t feel taken care of. 

A word misheard, or not properly said; 

a single misstep;

a mis-com from head to head

when only the heart should be talking,

closely, together walking

arm in arm, hip to hip, 

meeting at the eyes,

kissing at the lip, as if

to silent-say

“I’ll never let go of thee”

I wish I could give up words

and bullrushes-cosy 

my heart ever next to his

but words electrify me, 

make me enjoy life, 

as it is. 

The paradox of romantic love

always wanting to be together

always wanting to be untethered

the freedom call of 

a near-heaven,

always enticing better

than any 

un/happy ever after. 




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