There is sensuality

There is sensuality
in nature, even without metaphor,
even without sexuality

in the caramel heads of waves
atop a silvery blue expanse
of renewed swell,

the rare winter sun
shining surprisingly, copperly,
upon lances of logs,
drifted from their booms,

offered to the beach as if
to create a cabin or a room.
I stand,
lean, against the bouldered
shore, the shoulders warm,
the granite russet-pale,

the sea reaches powerful hands
filled, determined,
with rich satin, cream organza,

visions of green life
in its deeper musculature.

it caresses the earth,
as if offering it to her, miles of
heavy foam, rippling, unfurling;

she is alighting
with the sunโ€™s
witness, the satiny swellโ€™s
wetness, approval,
her mica skin glimmering,
moist, immaculate;
renewed, alive from dreaming

and I, bundled in winter wool,
stand, hands in parka pockets,
eyes closed, face sun-bathing,
to the clatter and rumble
whoosh and sparkling,


feel connection
and complete, utter
joyful satisfaction.




draft from 2021-01-13. I don’t have a photo from this day but it was quite spectacular; a rare clear-sky morning after a big wind-storm, and a log-boom must have broken somewhere and the parts of it were washing up to shore; each length of wood beamed a surreal reddish-gold colour among the algae-filled waves, in the dawning sunlight.

17 thoughts on “There is sensuality

    1. p.s. Thanks so much for linking to it on your other blog! For some reason my browser doesn’t let me comment or like blogs from their “front-end” pages, I can only do that via Reader view. So just wanted to let you know. I feel truly honoured!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™

      Edit: scratch that… I was able to comment there! Happy. Thanks again. :))


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