Upon getting lost

I was tired, if I was honest, 

tired like a bear gets tired

in winter, in a mild mild winter.

A little late to find a resting place; 

I’d always been more of a bear

than a wolf really, 

I kept trying to muster my own wolf, 

s/he wouldn’t come to me, 

it was not the tiger either but the bear

or nothing, 

least of all the running deer, 

I was simply tired. 

Too much bared, not enough

berries; too many coats, 

they all felt heavy; 

I was simply, 


And I thought that was


bearably proper of me.

But it was also





19 thoughts on “Upon getting lost

    1. Yeah, still the bear. 😆 Just wandered too late into the forest really. Magic will do that to one after a certain hour. ;)) But all feelings come and go really. Usually better after a good night’s sleep. Thanks G. :)) 🐻🌷

      1. I find the forest a nourishing, nurturing place to be. I was always fond of cats, myself. Not the predatory nature, but just how beautiful the look, leaping across the glen, jumping into trees. Trees, that’s it. Something that always brings me peace. But it’s always good to have bears. They protect and hold firm.

        1. Yes, I love cats too. All animals really. Though if hungry or stressed they can at times be scary. :)) Thanks as always for your kindness and for your beautiful way with words.

            1. That is super nice to hear and I appreciate it. Though I often feel I’m better off remaining quiet. More listening is needed on my part. :)) Virtual hugs, and thanks again.

              1. I feel I am being intrusive, Lia–you did not set your last verse to allow for comments, so I should not say anything. But I just wanted to say thank you for it–very kind and sensitive advice.

                1. This does not feel intrusive to me… it feels like helpful feedback, and true loving-kindness indeed. Thanks a lot G. :)) 💗

    1. The crystal that is my soul — you make me smile David, or laugh joyfully actually. Whether it’s a compliment or not, huge thanks to you, poetic buddy. 😚🙏💗😄

    1. Oh thank you so much Msdedeng. There are bears in the area I live in, in has been a relatively mild winter so far (not that I’m complaining), and yet it’s hibernation season. That was part of the inspiration. :)) Thanks again for reading. :)) xoxoxo

  1. Ah, it all makes sense now. I think some of the best poems are the ones inspired by personal experience. A reader feels or finds connection with the words.

    1. I honestly rarely know if my moves are good or not, I just go on instinct mostly. More often than not these days tempered with a lot of hesitancy. A lot remains unsaid. “Anything for a peaceful life,” as my friend’s mom used to say. Not sure if it’s always the best way. Thanks for your comment, I always love your feedback. Means a lot. :))

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