Afraid to be real

Afraid to be real
because of the satyrists

garbage can fires
drunk on clever
copyca tsss

in he arts that were
not allowed
to be broken
as cliché police arrive
broken as
bro ken

no dutch
ken je mij/n broer

some brutality
for order
no com mit
commit un
un comm it

comet gone

no yellow
he arts

some sun broke the m
with shades on
shadows in tech ni colour

I was not h’allo wed
to start over
no restart
no do over

nothing was not real
‘fore verse

still, through all this
hoped my creative
love/r would write, now
would still be able to
get on with it

every day he
I wanted him withme

under all this rain

now just this file;
now oceaned again;

now readsme.



orig drafted 2020-12-19, but remembering something from 2020-10-15, which referred to something from 2020-10-11, neither of which currently exists anymore, in apparent living
digital history.

11 thoughts on “Afraid to be real

  1. I am feeling the rhythm of this piece and it has the discordant jazz sounds that do not lull but instead poke and prod. Very original and I love it. Wonderful little sister.❤️

  2. And there I was last night complementing the music you had shared, and with this piece I can see more clearly how music is often there, isn’t it, threading through your words. Wonderful.

    1. Aw wow to your comment… which I just found in spam so am glad I checked… huge thanks. That is very kind encouragement and much appreciated. 🙏🥰💗

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