Bugbears and animalsavers

So sweet were the sounds I yearned to say
and yet attacking were the words I’d
formed that day.
Self defendency… it is an art, perhaps
best completed in the
innerself, in the dark.

The moonkiller
did not write my story, nor that
of any other her.
He wrote his own.

My words, my weapons,
thrown down.

But I felt I was suffocating in them.
Was I gagging myself
and if so, was that the best
not just for me, but
for everyone?

I wandered limping, silent,
to the raccoon-lady’s house
to see if she would also
feed the bears
since it seemed I could not
kill anything
nor sleep anywheres.

Her door, at night,
was often a crack open,
and I curled up
near the cat’s dish,
and rested
bleeding there.




Image: by Oksana Dimitrenko via Pinterest

12 thoughts on “Bugbears and animalsavers

    1. I’m sorry for that… I actually love this one (even if it seems odd to say that of one’s own poem lol, but I don’t always feel that way :)). Or maybe I just love the kindness of some of the inspiration behind it. The end part is based on a true (non-metaphorical) story. There is a wounded bear roaming around here. A local lady (not me) has seen it — in her house (she said she often tries to help wild animals). It got up and left when she came downstairs. She called the authorities to see if she could get help for it and they said all the shelters are over-full and understaffed, so if they see it, they will shoot it. It’s a very sad reality that the (real) bears can’t get the food, sleep nor space they need as more and more of their natural environment is altered and/or eradicated. The bear was likely hit by a car, as sometimes happens if they cross the highway, hence the wounded/broken leg. Thanks for your comment, DLG. :))

  1. I really enjoyed this! Intelligent use of words and knitted tightly together like a well made blanket!

          1. You’re welcome again!

            Seriously, you’re good at what you do. I completely understand the discouragement! But you have a talent and I’m just 1 person but I really enjoy it!

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