I thank you: for love

Thank you for your brave feelings
Thank you for your compassion
Thanks for not writing she/he/we as
ugly, dammed or broken

Thanks for your lack of promises
Thanks for your beautiful selflessness
Thanks for your truths and your
caring lack of mess

And thanks for your perceptive

But most of all
thanks for your kindness




Image source: ““i thank You God for most this amazing” at artandtheology.org, found via post-write art search for “perfect poem”


6 thoughts on “I thank you: for love

    1. How are you sure? I’m not often sure about my wording… It’s hard to get things right, at least for me. Hugs for commenting directly. I sincerely appreciate it. That negative line was about some indirect communications (not yours).

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      1. This may not answer your question about how I can be sure, but I guess it makes sense to me to write this: I trust your writing, which means I trust your choice of words, because they almost invariably feel right. I know there are wordsmiths out there–those who choose carefully there words and create poetry worthy of praise, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Yeats was like that. And I deeply admire that skill. Perhaps in part because I lack that skill, despite being an English teacher. My most consistent approach to writing verse is to write what feels right. I don’t think I am so good at carefully choosing words that construct an edifice of poetry worthy of praise. And when I read your writing, sometimes I feel like you were struggling with the words you chose, and I praise you for that–for the effort to construct beauty. You accomplish this so often, Lia. But mostly, when I read your words, they feel right–like songs flowing across a lake of utmost sincerity. They surge here and ebb there, they bump and blend and echo over the wet stones that adorn the shores. And they feel right. Please don’t misunderstand–I am not saying you don’t choose words well. But you have an honest voice as a poet, and that matters more to me than a carefully constructed edifice. And having said all that, please forgive my wordiness.

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        1. George… your words are so much beauty. Not just in your comments around blogtown, as I like to call it haha, but also in your poetry. “Perhaps in part because I lack that skill” — whatttt???? Of all the poetry I’ve seen yours is among the most beautifully and skillfully written, and captivating. And I have seen a lot!!! I like a lot of different styles… but like you, the elements that attract me most are honesty and sincerity. For some it can often be hurt, passionate, or angry… well maybe for all of us who’re honest, really… and while I very much respect and admire those who manage to keep what they share loving — and I think that was my goal from the outset really — extraordinarily failed though that goal has been, since the beginning of my journey in blogging (starting in earnest around 2018) — I love when people know themselves, and yet are able to listen, and communicate truthfully with others. That is a beautiful thing. I am so very grateful for your comment… thank you… your generosity and kindness helped make my evening.


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