Okely dokely

They ask me a question
I answer truthfully
They don’t bother responding

They don’t ask a question
Just accuse me
with their backstabbing intention

While they keep on doing
the same dam thing

with just a different sing

I don’t de/serve any of you
That much is true!

and I guess
with that I’ve just
got to be cool.

‘Cause all I’m doing
is just being the real me
and speaking *MYYYY!!!!!*


not what I imagine
someone else’s to be
in some sick jealous


s’il te plaît
der chi.




9 thoughts on “Okely dokely

  1. This is so good, Lia!!! Especially that de/serve addition, so clever!!! I love this one, amazing work 🖤👌🏻

    1. p.s. I admire your spirit a lot. You’re an all-loving light that is needed around the blogosphere. Rock on. :)) xoxo

      1. Aww Lia, you’re the best!!! You make my day! Your kind words are a much needed boost; love and appreciate you, dear friend 🖤🤗

  2. I applaud you for writing this…some people can’t handle the truth and that’s “these some people” will then hate you for speaking your mind

    1. Thank you so much Michelle… yes, exactly. And they then somehow sometimes manage to alter our story. If we let them. And if we choose to leave the arena then they make up more stories. It’s awful. People not in this world do not see the order of events – the stream of activities that we get in our notifications feed, and the styles of writing that leads us to see. Sometimes it is pure coincidence, but when it happens over and over with the same persons… it’s certainly doesn’t feel like it. Anyway… thanks again.

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