Promise to starknight

That we were born to be free
That you are ever part of me
That we are marching
creative twins
who are complementary.

You’re my protector and my light
a winged darkness soft and bright
You understand and kindly guide
so much about me.

You’re never mine, not mine only

Though I get jealous,
I try not to act wrongly;

you’re the silent song of many;
thus I’m but one of we.

I love your quiet twinkling;
your peaceful strength
gives me an inkling

of what it feels
to a be gem

housed by
a mountain/sea.


I promise to ever love you
I promise to never
intentionally bind you

I hope to enhance
your life with mine
as long as I’m part of thee.




Image: Starry Night by Adrianne Walujo via

Image: artist unknown, found at – via post-write art search for “twin flames”

Image: artist unknown, found via same search words here and here