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And… about the site?

Trying to figure that out. Created on a complete and utter whim. Feelings.

The poetry is generated and published with the aim of healing and transformation, through self-expression in the moment.

I have other blogs, but this is my simple poetic outlet.

I’m not much attached to this site’s outcome. 

It’s really just for fun. 

I might kill it, but for now I’ll spill it. That way (I hope) I can stop illin’ it.

Thank you for reading, it’s very much appreciated.  ❤︎


[Edit 2020-12-06 14:18: email address removed since it is not working at the moment… apologies for any inconvenience]

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30 thoughts on “About…

    1. Suzanne… you are so kind, thank you so much… and I imagine you’d say that with or without photo, and regardless of what it looked like :)) …but your comment has me wondering, tbh… is my old profile image still showing here? Lol? And if so, is it me sitting at a table or is it a closeup selfie?) (I had both I think, in the very beginning, then deleted them…) Thank you again, so much, means the world from you. I don’t know what you look like on the outside, but from inside you are definitely beaming love and light. 💛🔆🙏

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            1. Ah great, thanks. Yep, indeed… and I can imagine for you as well, certainly. 🙃 I just think it’s wild that all this time, it’s been there, though I removed it quite soon after posting it, way back in November. Ah well…
              […] Thanks again for your help. Feel very very grateful to have found you on WP. You’re such a lovely person. 💖😚🙏

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        1. Suzanne… sorry to bother you, but does it still show now? I find it totally bizarre that I can’t see it but others can. Thanks for your time… xoxo

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    1. Aw hi Nick! Lol!! No worries, I didn’t think of it. I post a lot, forewarning you. So don’t feel you have to. ;)) There is a lot of reading for all of us to do. Hard to keep up with it all really. But I do love reading you. :)) xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much Benjamin. and I get see this comment just at a moment when I am crylaughing with ST over comments in one of her posts… yes, yes, I agree, as long as it is fun, it’s worthwhile, and we feel freed. Thanks so much for the encouragement, means a huge lot. And… love your poetry. 😊🙏


    1. And now I’m feeling yours also… thank you so very much for the beautiful compliment, Yassy. Funny you should comment here nowish. Last night I nearly removed this image. I know it’s kinda “authentic.” Hugs.

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        1. When I post things that are painful sometimes I don’t want people to feel they have to reply. And/or I can’t imagine being able to sensibly respond to whatever kind and caring reply they might make, and/or I can’t imagine just letting them comment without acknowledging their effort somehow. Sometimes I close comments as a blogging survival mechanism, basically. I know it can be frustrating, though that is certainly not the intention. Thanks again for letting me know. It is helpful to have this feedback. :))

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    1. Well thank you very kindly, dear visitor… yes, I guess it’s true, this blog was/is my place to enjoy whimsy through and through (something that IRL I don’t anymore much do), and in the lucky times, that enjoyment showed, to open-minded readers like you. :)) Merci beaucoup 🙏💛

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