Abalone eye, cedar moonfellow

You’re not my old man

my friend, did you misunderstand; 

you are my partner, my lover, 

my partial creator but out of magic, 

you make a haven from something tragic; 

perhaps I exaggerate for the sake of a rhyme sometimes

and I know you can never be mine all mine

but you make me laugh and smile 

and you are everything divine. 

You have a beautiful mind

a spirit that soars like the raven

and a song as greatful. It’s one of the most

deep-ringing vibrations of the woods around me, 

a sound that thrills me, a sound that makes everything 

sweetly complete;

It’s like a perfect counter-beat.

Sometimes we miss each other in the midst of 

life’s feats

but I think of you always, 

for you’re like a jewel; 

a treasure I selfishly

want to pocket and keep. 




Image: First Nations 11.5” Raven Panel by Harvey John, Nuu-chah-nulth, available at Etsy.com (not an affiliate link) found via post-write art search for “first nations the raven”


Partly inspired by the Raven Tales of the First Nations; the metaphorically true-to-life and deeply perceptive creation stories of the people whose original land that, as a southwest Canadian descendent of European immigrant ancestors (however peaceful and from whatever possibly humble and oppressed origins), I feel ashamed, honoured and grateful to be co-inhabiting.

7 thoughts on “Abalone eye, cedar moonfellow

  1. There is such a sweet and gentle loving quality to this–not demanding, taking, clinging, but feeling and sounding and words that raise one up. Even in the wanting to pocket and keep. Who wouldn’t want to keep such beauty with them always? And an inspiration that illuminates the day and welcomes the night. So very nice, Lia. Very nice.

    1. George… so thankful for your poetic comment… and I quite agree in terms of “who wouldn’t want to keep”… I admit I selfishly added in the selfishly… and based the title on the amazing art… which resonates for me… the way it embodies and sees with beauty… other than that I felt it was inspiration moving through me. Many thanks again 🔆

    1. Hearing this song again brought back some good dance floor memories… and there’s a cool play on words here, in the title. :)) Let’s all rave-on, indeed. Thanks David. 😃🙏👌🎶🔆

        1. Well, then, let’s get ravin’,
          said the ol’ cro(w)ne
          to the dove
          disguised as a pigeon.

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